Jumat, 07 Agustus 2015

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If you get time for having summer vacation so going to modern resort offering the amazing landscape and rocking chair cushion is very amazing. When you are bringing your friends special for spending the time together, it would be a best moment ever. This resort is located on Fogo Island, Canada. It is very good for having the beautiful landscape there; moreover, it is very good also to build a resort such as what Suanders Architecture do.
Nature stones and beautiful sea become the amazing view of the exterior of modern resort design with rocking chair cushion set. The resort is standing on high steel pillars. It is standing perfectly with the amazing appearance such a flying house. Moreover, for the building is designed in two volumes and it have white color for front wall. Moreover for some walls are chosen from the glass material. It gives chance for the owner to feel how beautiful the sea.
In the second level of the house, the room is designed for the relaxing room. It has only a sofa with chair. Moreover, the warm rug completes the room to be warm. The glass wall with the pale texture gives the beautiful atmosphere inside of this room. It gives the amazing view which shows the wide blue sea. It is also completed by fireplace, in order to give the warm feeling.
Beautiful master bedroom with the glass wall makes the room looks so comfort. The room is dominated by white color. White colors of this room make the room looks so elegant. Beautiful curtain is suitable with the wall. Soft fabric of the bedroom also felt perfectly in this room. Furthermore, the room is an integrated room where behind of the room is bathroom with luxury furniture also. This modern resort design concept which uses rocking chair cushion covers is perfect to be an amazing place for vacation.